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…okay. I admit it! I am a sucker for puns. Right now, if you order on this website at the Bookshop, you can get my books, which illustrate the Rosary, for 10% off for today. Just use the coupon code “DESALES.” Coupon expires on the 25th.

And why? Because today is the feast day of St. Francis de Sales! So, of course, a flash sale is the appropriate thing to do, right? 😉

…did I mention that I like puns? I know, it’s a bit corny, sorry!

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On a more serious note, St. Francis de Sales was a HUGE lover of our Blessed Mother and the Rosary. In fact, he used to tell the Sisters of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary, which he founded, “I want the Rosary said every day with as much love as possible.”

Virgin and Child Appearing to St. Francis de Sales, by Carlo Maratta, c. 1691. Via
Virgin and Child Appearing to St. Francis de Sales, by Carlo Maratta, c. 1691.

He even had a special way in which he used to pray it! You know those first three beads in which we pray the Hail Marys for faith, hope, and charity? He used those three beads to ask in particular for the intercession of our Blessed Mother. As he put it, those beads were for “greeting her on the first bead as the most dear daughter of God the Father; on the second one as the Mother of God the Son; and on the third as the well-beloved spouse of God the Holy Spirit.”

After the Rosary was finished, he revisited those three beads, the first bead being prayer “to offer your understanding to the eternal Father so that you may always consider his mercies. On the second bead entreat her to offer you yourself to her Son, so that you may continually think on his passion and death. On the third bead you will beseech her to offer your will to the Holy Spirit so that you can forever be on fire with His holy love.”

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