Art A Touch of Sorrow in Joy

A Touch of Sorrow in Joy

I saw this picture of the Annunciation the other day, and my jaw dropped. Had I not already picked all the gorgeous pictures in my upcoming book about the Joyful Mysteries, I would be tempted to put this one in as well! Isn’t it beautiful?! First of all, one of the amusing things about this …

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Art Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows

One of the most beautiful devotions — maybe my favorite devotion other than the Rosary — is the Our Lady of Sorrows devotion. It is a devotion that focuses on Jesus through Mary and on the enormous sacrifices and sorrows that both of them  — the New Adam and the New Eve — experienced as …

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Art Get Behind Me, Satan!

Get Behind Me, Satan!

“Get behind me, Satan!”  The words from yesterday’s gospel reading seem like a strange overreaction of Jesus. After all, Peter was just trying to tell him that He didn’t have to go through the cross, which seems to me like a perfectly reasonable suggestion! Then, to liken St. Peter to Satan? Ouch! Take a look …

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Art Stormy Days

Stormy Days

With all the recent talk about the major storm, I figured that a picture of a great storm might be appropriate. And, as soon as I saw this picture, honestly, I knew I wanted to feature this image. The art depicts the storm on Galilee, which is described in the gospel passage of Matthew 8:23-27. …

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Art How to Explain Pain to a Child

How to Explain Pain to a Child

One of the things that I wonder about as I try to raise my children to know Jesus is how to approach the Passion and to explain to them what happened. The Passion is brutal. It’s one thing to say, “Jesus died for our sins.” It’s another thing to read scripture and to imagine how …

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Art Agony, Strength, and Surrender

Agony, Strength, and Surrender

Possibly one of the most haunting depictions of the Agony in the Garden is Bellini’s piece. Though all around the landscape seems lush, where Jesus is the landscape is barren and almost seems like he is on a different planet altogether. While the disciples sleep and men with evil designs come closer to them, Jesus …

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