Art St. Luke and the Virgin Mary

St. Luke and the Virgin Mary

Happy Feast Day! Today, we celebrate St. Luke, one of the four evangelists who wrote the four books that comprises of the gospel! So, who is St. Luke? That’s a good question! So, in honor of today, I would like to look at him as an evangelist, an artist, and then look at how artists …

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Art Little Art Details

Little Art Details

One of the reasons why I love looking at classic religious art pieces is that you can examine them for months and still find something new. Take this picture, which was originally made by Raphael, who then gave it to some of the students in his workshop that he taught to paint it: Now, I …

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Art Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows

One of the most beautiful devotions — maybe my favorite devotion other than the Rosary — is the Our Lady of Sorrows devotion. It is a devotion that focuses on Jesus through Mary and on the enormous sacrifices and sorrows that both of them  — the New Adam and the New Eve — experienced as …

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Art Bringing Mary into Battle

Bringing Mary into Battle

Many people accuse us Catholics of putting Mary ahead of Jesus. Which is silliness! Jesus is clearly the one who gets the highest place of honor, and anybody walking in our church clearly sees this, as there are images of Jesus everywhere! But, boy! We sure do love our Mother Mary! With that said, today, …

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Art Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

Oy! I missed Our Blessed Mother Mary’s birthday, which is traditionally celebrated on September 8! What can I say? Teething children needed to be loved and household chores needed to be done! Still, while I was dealing with children, I wondered… was there any art that had Mary depicted as a child? After all, most …

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Art Salve Regina!

Salve Regina!

Yesterday, a week after the celebration of the Assumption, was the celebration of Mary, the Queen of Heaven! So, in honor of that, I’d figure I would post an intriguing pair of paintings by William-Adolphe Bouguereau that feature the Virgin Mary and Christ together — but in completely different circumstances. The first painting is his Pieta, …

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Art Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

This is not artwork, really. But, it is an icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and it has such a magnificent story! So, back in the day when Spain took over Mexico, the indigenous people of Mexico were, to put it mildly, not very happy with Spain. At all. Though the Spanish conquered them, they …

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Art To Be Blessed

To Be Blessed

Ah, the Feast of the Assumption! What a glorious feast indeed! It’s that feast when Mary enters into the Kingdom of God and embraces Her Son, the Christ, who has been utterly victorious! It is when she officially begins her role as Queen of Heaven, the Queen Mother of the triumphant Christ! There are many …

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Art To Be With Child

To Be With Child

I just had my first ultrasound for this pregnancy today. And… great news! The baby is happy and healthy! While the technician was peering into my womb, the baby flapped its arms and curled around and cuddled with the placenta. In fact, honestly, most of the pictures of Baby weren’t that great, honestly because Baby …

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Art Mary, Queen Mother

Mary, Queen Mother

One thing that is frustrating about older, sacred images is that the photographs of the images just don’t look right. Often, the artists who made these icons used gold and other precious materials in the paintings to give them that extra sparkle so that they gleam when you look at them — especially for icons, …

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