Art The Greatest Story Ever Told – In Art

The Greatest Story Ever Told – In Art

One of the most beautiful thing about medieval religious artwork is that the artists were not constricted by moments of time. They had absolutely no qualms putting different moments into the same artwork so that the art, instead of displaying only one pivotal moment, stretched across time into a panorama displaying the gospel in a …

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Art The Skull at the Foot of the Cross

The Skull at the Foot of the Cross

The Passion is one of the most important moments to us, as Christians, in the gospel. After all, it is the moment in which Christ offers up Himself as a sacrifice for us! There are a lot of little moments that occur across scripture that foretell of the Passion, a lot of details in all …

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Art To Be Called By Christ

To Be Called By Christ

Happy feast day! Today, we celebrate one of the gospel writers, St. Matthew! Formerly a tax collector, Jesus called him out of his luxurious life and into greatness. Here is the gospel which describes how this calling took place: One of the most brilliant pieces of art that depicts this event is by Caravaggio. Jesus …

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Art Seven and Seventy-Seven Times

Seven and Seventy-Seven Times

What can I say? St. Peter is that guy that you got to love! After all, he asks all those dumb questions that you’ve always wanted to ask Jesus, but were too afraid to ask them yourself! Take last Sunday’s readings, for example… Who hasn’t had those sorts of thoughts or wondered St. Peter’s question? …

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Art Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows

One of the most beautiful devotions — maybe my favorite devotion other than the Rosary — is the Our Lady of Sorrows devotion. It is a devotion that focuses on Jesus through Mary and on the enormous sacrifices and sorrows that both of them  — the New Adam and the New Eve — experienced as …

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Art Christ Descends Into Hell

Christ Descends Into Hell

A couple of days ago, just as we were experiencing a tiny heatwave up here in Washington State, I saw a church which had a sign saying, “Think it’s hot now? Got God?” I was admittedly amused… after all, summer weather over here in Western Washington is normally very moderate and sunny with lovely blue …

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Art Get Behind Me, Satan!

Get Behind Me, Satan!

“Get behind me, Satan!”  The words from yesterday’s gospel reading seem like a strange overreaction of Jesus. After all, Peter was just trying to tell him that He didn’t have to go through the cross, which seems to me like a perfectly reasonable suggestion! Then, to liken St. Peter to Satan? Ouch! Take a look …

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Art Handing Over the Keys

Handing Over the Keys

Today’s gospel is exciting! Jesus hands over the (metaphorical!) keys of the Church to St. Peter! And, what better image to use than this, which is a gorgeous and HUGE painting in the Sistine Chapel, one of the most beautiful chapels of all time used by the pope himself! It is an expansive painting that, …

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Art Stormy Days

Stormy Days

With all the recent talk about the major storm, I figured that a picture of a great storm might be appropriate. And, as soon as I saw this picture, honestly, I knew I wanted to feature this image. The art depicts the storm on Galilee, which is described in the gospel passage of Matthew 8:23-27. …

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Art The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd

Not too long ago, I was looking for a picture of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Honestly, I was expecting a picture of Jesus looking pretty docile and carrying a lamb with a serene sort of countenance. And, when I looked at western, classic European art, they had exactly this kind of image! But, I …

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