Art The Parable of the Ten Virgins

The Parable of the Ten Virgins

Remember Sunday’s gospel reading with the parable of the ten virgins, five of which were wise and five of which foolish? If you don’t remember, then no problem! Here’s the gospel reading! That’s… quite a parable, to be quite honest, full of lots of vivid imagery. So, I looked it up to see whether there …

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Art Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth

And it’s almost Halloween! So, another macabre art piece to go along with this blog series! This one is going to especially be fire and brimstone… because it’s art featuring Sodom and Gomorrah! Now, I’ve seen a lot of shallow commentary about Sodom and Gomorrah which say that it’s all about sodomy and the evils …

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Art The Destruction of Sin

The Destruction of Sin

It’s that time again! Time for Halloween! So, to prepare ourselves for Halloween, other than buying tons of candy, I figured I would feature some more macabre religious art! You know… the artwork that reminds us of the evils of sins and the demonic and reminds us about the glories of God and why we …

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Art The Floodwaters Subside

The Floodwaters Subside

I, like many Americans, am just stunned looking at the images that are coming from the floods at Texas. It’s just… incredibly scary some of the images that are coming out. And to read tweets from people who are stranded in or on top of their homes with their families? That’s just hard. Yes, I …

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Art Salve Regina!

Salve Regina!

Yesterday, a week after the celebration of the Assumption, was the celebration of Mary, the Queen of Heaven! So, in honor of that, I’d figure I would post an intriguing pair of paintings by William-Adolphe Bouguereau that feature the Virgin Mary and Christ together — but in completely different circumstances. The first painting is his Pieta, …

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Art Walking on Water

Walking on Water

As soon as I heard the mass readings, I grew excited. What can I say? They were always some of my favorite stories. It always struck me as wonderful that God would come in the tiniest of whispers, as He came to Elijah. And the gospel, of course, was always impressive — Jesus walks on …

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Art A Taste of Paradise

A Taste of Paradise

It’s that time again! Time for a little break from the usual routines of life. Time to see new things and have new experiences. Time to take a deep breath and relax. Time for… vacation! Preparing for vacation when you have very young children, mind you, is not that relaxing. My children are cranky (wait …

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Art A Triumph of Christ

A Triumph of Christ

If I had to pick any image to describe my own personal spiritual conversion to Christianity, this would probably be the image. Bathed in ethereal light, Christ stands, victorious, with his armies of angels holding His Christ victoriously. Below him in more earthly tones are gods and goddesses in both human and animal forms fleeing …

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