Art The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Yet another mass shooting has occurred — this time, the target was a Baptist church in Texas during their Sunday services. The killer killed 26 people, many of them children, injured 20 more people, and as the details came out (today, there was news about how he deliberately shot crying infants at point-blank range) my …

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Art Finding Glory in the Mundane

Finding Glory in the Mundane

One of the great things about looking at religious images with young kids is that they notice everything! My three-year-old daughter was looking over my shoulder when I was looking through my proof copy of my new book, The Joyful Mysteries, when she pointed to this beautiful picture of the Annunciation and asked that immortal …

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Art Memento Mori

Memento Mori

Today when my daughter came downstairs for breakfast, she asked excitedly, “Is it Halloween?!” Then, when I told her no, she groaned. I quickly assured her that she had to pick out her costume first, and she quickly got excited again. And now she has a costume… you will be happy to know that chose …

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Art The Tribute Money

The Tribute Money

Today’s gospel is all about one of the most certain thing there is about life: taxes! Here’s the reading: Just as taxes are a big issue today, they were a huge issue back then. Though, they were perhaps an even huger issue. After all, just as our American Revolution started against the British partly because …

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Art All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small

Last week was busy, to put it mildly! All the humans were sick with a nasty cold. To make matters even more complicated, our 11-year-old cat, who is normally the resilient one in our merry band, got very sick! Not eating, not drinking, limp tail, no energy… you name it, he had it! We were …

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Art Little Art Details

Little Art Details

One of the reasons why I love looking at classic religious art pieces is that you can examine them for months and still find something new. Take this picture, which was originally made by Raphael, who then gave it to some of the students in his workshop that he taught to paint it: Now, I …

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Art A Defense of the Late Laborers

A Defense of the Late Laborers

I have to say, I don’t really like yesterday’s gospel. At all. Honestly, I get a little mad thinking how upset the day laborers who spent twelve hours toiling… but they were not subject to any generosity. Instead, they got to see everybody else get something extra, where they got nothing extra. I mean, just …

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Art Seven and Seventy-Seven Times

Seven and Seventy-Seven Times

What can I say? St. Peter is that guy that you got to love! After all, he asks all those dumb questions that you’ve always wanted to ask Jesus, but were too afraid to ask them yourself! Take last Sunday’s readings, for example… Who hasn’t had those sorts of thoughts or wondered St. Peter’s question? …

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Art Bringing Mary into Battle

Bringing Mary into Battle

Many people accuse us Catholics of putting Mary ahead of Jesus. Which is silliness! Jesus is clearly the one who gets the highest place of honor, and anybody walking in our church clearly sees this, as there are images of Jesus everywhere! But, boy! We sure do love our Mother Mary! With that said, today, …

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Art Stormy Days

Stormy Days

With all the recent talk about the major storm, I figured that a picture of a great storm might be appropriate. And, as soon as I saw this picture, honestly, I knew I wanted to feature this image. The art depicts the storm on Galilee, which is described in the gospel passage of Matthew 8:23-27. …

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