Art The Greatest Story Ever Told – In Art

The Greatest Story Ever Told – In Art

One of the most beautiful thing about medieval religious artwork is that the artists were not constricted by moments of time. They had absolutely no qualms putting different moments into the same artwork so that the art, instead of displaying only one pivotal moment, stretched across time into a panorama displaying the gospel in a …

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Art The Skull at the Foot of the Cross

The Skull at the Foot of the Cross

The Passion is one of the most important moments to us, as Christians, in the gospel. After all, it is the moment in which Christ offers up Himself as a sacrifice for us! There are a lot of little moments that occur across scripture that foretell of the Passion, a lot of details in all …

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Art Handing Over the Keys

Handing Over the Keys

Today’s gospel is exciting! Jesus hands over the (metaphorical!) keys of the Church to St. Peter! And, what better image to use than this, which is a gorgeous and HUGE painting in the Sistine Chapel, one of the most beautiful chapels of all time used by the pope himself! It is an expansive painting that, …

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Art The Canaanite Woman

The Canaanite Woman

Wow. What a strange gospel there is today! Sometimes, we can get so used to Jesus being that kind and gentle messiah that when He speaks like this, it shatters our perception of Jesus and makes us rethink about who He really is. Just look at that gospel! It’s a doozy, isn’t it? Now! Before …

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Art How to Survive the End Times

How to Survive the End Times

The other day when I was watching a lecture on Youtube, the professor made a joke that some people looked like they came out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting. And then he paused, expecting at least some laughter. The silence, from the classroom full of millennials, was deafening. So, with no further ado, here is …

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Art How to Explain Pain to a Child

How to Explain Pain to a Child

One of the things that I wonder about as I try to raise my children to know Jesus is how to approach the Passion and to explain to them what happened. The Passion is brutal. It’s one thing to say, “Jesus died for our sins.” It’s another thing to read scripture and to imagine how …

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Art Jesus, as Fetus

Jesus, as Fetus

One common argument that I’ve heard from the pro-abortion side is that in olden days, people didn’t actually consider fetuses to be children. For example, they would claim that before modern medical techniques were developed, nobody had an idea of what really happened in the womb. Therefore, they would say that nobody really considered that …

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Art Agony, Strength, and Surrender

Agony, Strength, and Surrender

Possibly one of the most haunting depictions of the Agony in the Garden is Bellini’s piece. Though all around the landscape seems lush, where Jesus is the landscape is barren and almost seems like he is on a different planet altogether. While the disciples sleep and men with evil designs come closer to them, Jesus …

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