Art St. Helena Finds the True Cross

St. Helena Finds the True Cross

Today is the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, so happy feast day! Hooray! Now, if you’re like me, when you hear “Exaltation of the Cross” you think immediately of the Passion of Christ and of His Sorrowful Crucifixion. After all, the cross and Jesus are so closely linked in our minds …

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Art Bringing Mary into Battle

Bringing Mary into Battle

Many people accuse us Catholics of putting Mary ahead of Jesus. Which is silliness! Jesus is clearly the one who gets the highest place of honor, and anybody walking in our church clearly sees this, as there are images of Jesus everywhere! But, boy! We sure do love our Mother Mary! With that said, today, …

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Art Get Behind Me, Satan!

Get Behind Me, Satan!

“Get behind me, Satan!”  The words from yesterday’s gospel reading seem like a strange overreaction of Jesus. After all, Peter was just trying to tell him that He didn’t have to go through the cross, which seems to me like a perfectly reasonable suggestion! Then, to liken St. Peter to Satan? Ouch! Take a look …

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