New Book… The Joyful Mysteries!

New Book… The Joyful Mysteries!

I published a book that combines gorgeous religious art with all the prayers of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary! The title of this book? The Joyful Mysteries. (Original, right?)

It is available out for sale in the United States for hardcover and is available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. A paperback version (which should be a little cheaper, for those of you on a budget) should be available in a couple weeks!

I write more about the story behind the book and why I created this book in the first place here in this blog post, but I would like to talk a little bit more about the specifics of the book here, plus show you some screenshots of the book so that you know what it looks like!

Here’s a screenshot of the cover!

This book is a large book (8 inches by 10 inches) which is fully colored with 75 different religious artworks in the public domain in the United States. Every individual prayer — from the Sign of the Cross in the Introductory Prayers, to the final prayer of the Rosary — is illustrated with beautiful, classic, religious art from the public domain.

Every decade starts off with a scripture reading, since the Rosary is so strongly based in scripture.

This is the beginning of the Fifth Joyful Mystery, aka The Finding of Christ in the Temple! Usually, there aren’t a lot of angels in this most of these artworks, which makes this particular picture rather unique!

Then it goes to an Our Father…

This scene features the Visitation. I love how they’re both in Hungarian garb. Also, look at that neat castle in the background!

And then there are the Hail Mary prayers.

Scenes from the Annunciation. You can really see from this spread how different artists had different visions for the same scene! For instance, in the left piece, the artist concentrates on the Holy Spirit and shows Mary interrupted in prayer, whereas in the right piece, God the Father is watching over this scene and Mary is enthroned.

Did I mention that there were lots of Hail Marys?

These scenes depict the Presentation of Christ at the Temple!

Each decade ends with the Glory Be and Fatima Prayer, of course!

This depicts the Birth of Christ! And, yes… it is a full spread of the most magnificent art that I could find. Pay no attention to the white line! That’s there because of how the book is bound.

And then, finally, it concludes with both the Hail, Holy Queen and the final concluding prayer of the Rosary:

Both the introductory prayers and the concluding prayers sections show beautiful images of the Holy Family. Like this one! Also, you do NOT want to know how much editing it took to restore that picture into that vibrant image. There was quite a lot of image restoration that I did throughout the book!

As you can probably guess, this is the first book in what will become a series! The other installments of Illustrated Rosary should be out in 2018 sometime.

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