About Illustrated Prayer

Illustrated Prayer came about when I was trying to figure out various ways to spread the faith to my very young children who were still learning how to talk. They were too little to pray… but I noticed that they were entranced with the various icons around the house, as well as the pamphlets and booklets lying all around that showed how to pray the Rosary — complete with pictures depicting each mystery. When I saw them flipping through these pamphlets at every possible opportunity, I began to share with them religious images and using that as a way to talk to them about Jesus.

This little booklet about the Rosary, which features one piece of religious art for every mystery of the Rosary, has been thumbed through so much that the only thing keeping it together is tons of tape, and even more love!

After poring over tons of religious artwork, I felt an itch to share with everyone this beautiful religious artwork so that maybe they could fall in love with Jesus once more through these art pieces — just like I had. So, I put my webdesign skills to use and created this website… and now you’re reading it!

About the Illustrated Rosary Book Series

The idea for the Illustrated Rosary came about when I was trying to pray the Rosary with my children… and failing miserably. Remembering their love for reading picture books and their enthusiasm for religious art, I assembled some of my favorite religious artworks of the mysteries of the Rosary and paired them with each prayer of the Rosary in order to make for them a picture book. After working on it for a while, I realized that what I was making was not merely a children’s book, but rather a beautiful tool that anyone — young and old — could use as a way to deepen their love of Jesus through the Rosary. So I took a major leap and I’m so far in the process of creating and publishing the books.

The first book, The Joyful Mysteries, is set to be published in November 14, 2017 for the hardcover and November 21, 2017 for the paperback. The next books will be published later in 2018.

Here I am, holding up the proof copy of the first book, The Joyful Mysteries! It’s totally been a dream to see it actually in print!

About the Author

I’m a wife, stay-at-home mother, writer, graphic designer, art aficionado, and recovering biochemical engineer who just happens to love Jesus. Raised a Catholic, I drifted away from the faith in college when I studied biochemical engineering… only to confront head-on with the nihilism that all too often permeates the science community! Horrified with the soul-sucking nihilism, I searched frantically for the truth — and ended up finding my way back to the Catholic faith, where I rediscovered Jesus and His Church. I live in Washington with my awesome husband, my two lovely children, and I’m expecting my third child in February 2018.