The Inspiration!

The inspiration behind Illustrated Prayer is simple: I have children.

In particular, I have very young children. My oldest just turned three and my youngest just turned one. This means two things:

  1. While my children love to hear me read, they want to see a lot of pictures. The more pictures, the better. Pictures help make things real to them. This is especially true with anything that is remotely theological in nature.
  2. Because I am so scatter-brained and exhausted most of the time, I also need pictures to help me focus on God and Christ and make it real for me. Because otherwise, my mind will go into fifteen different directions and I’ll end up making a grocery list rather than pray.

And so, in effort to keep closer to Jesus and to share Jesus with my children (after all, Jesus did ask us to let the little children come to him!), I started spending time delving into lots of pictures of Christ and digging through classic art. And as I delved into these beautiful pieces of art, I fell in love with Jesus once more. And, of course, when someone is in love, one wants to proclaim it from the rooftops!

Thus, this blog!

So, come join me! Let’s look at these sacred pictures of Jesus together, let’s reflect on what we see, and, most importantly, let’s pray together.

Christ Blessing Little Children, by Charles Lock Eastlake, c. 1839. Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom.
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