Art A Taste of Paradise

A Taste of Paradise

It’s that time again! Time for a little break from the usual routines of life. Time to see new things and have new experiences. Time to take a deep breath and relax. Time for… vacation! Preparing for vacation when you have very young children, mind you, is not that relaxing. My children are cranky (wait …

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Art A Triumph of Christ

A Triumph of Christ

If I had to pick any image to describe my own personal spiritual conversion to Christianity, this would probably be the image. Bathed in ethereal light, Christ stands, victorious, with his armies of angels holding His Christ victoriously. Below him in more earthly tones are gods and goddesses in both human and animal forms fleeing …

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Art Christ Appears to Us

Christ Appears to Us

This is one of those artwork that, when I first looked at it, I didn’t really like it. But, the more I looked at it, the more I liked it! It’s called “The Appearance of Christ to the People” and it depicts the biblical scene where John the Baptist points out Jesus to his disciples …

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Art Little Moments at the Foot of the Cross

Little Moments at the Foot of the Cross

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but honestly? Medieval religious art can pack so much in a tiny space that perhaps it worth ten thousand words! For instance, look at this picture. At first glance, this appears to be an image of the Crucifixion. After all, the Crucified Christ is at the focal …

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Art Jesus, as Fetus

Jesus, as Fetus

One common argument that I’ve heard from the pro-abortion side is that in olden days, people didn’t actually consider fetuses to be children. For example, they would claim that before modern medical techniques were developed, nobody had an idea of what really happened in the womb. Therefore, they would say that nobody really considered that …

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Art Seeing Christ in My Son

Seeing Christ in My Son

Here’s a picture of my son when he was a baby! Wait… whoops, no, that’s definitely Jesus. In fact, it’s a picture of the whole Holy Family! Mary and Joseph are resting for a brief moment while they flee to Egypt to protect Jesus. But, oh my goodness! Jesus looks like my son did when …

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Art And where is your God?

And where is your God?

Normally, in pictures that relate to the Passion of Christ, you expect to see Christ in the forefront. After all, He died to save us, and is rightly the subject of some of the greatest art in Western civilization. Yet… in this art piece, Christ is in the background. Not only is He in the …

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Art Dealing with Dragons

Dealing with Dragons

When I saw this picture, I laughed. After all, Jesus is hanging out in the wilderness shortly after he is baptized and there, at his feet, is a DRAGON. Mind you, it’s only a little dragon about the size of a dog. Yet, dragons don’t really have the best symbolism in Christianity… after all, in …

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Art Agony, Strength, and Surrender

Agony, Strength, and Surrender

Possibly one of the most haunting depictions of the Agony in the Garden is Bellini’s piece. Though all around the landscape seems lush, where Jesus is the landscape is barren and almost seems like he is on a different planet altogether. While the disciples sleep and men with evil designs come closer to them, Jesus …

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Art Bringing Our Children to the Lord

Bringing Our Children to the Lord

As a mother of an infant, I kind adore this picture. What can I say? Yes, it’s not the best-executed artwork of all time and in many ways the brush strokes are very simplistic. And yet, it is great. Let me explain… As related in Luke 2:22-40, Jesus’ parents bring the infant Jesus to the …

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